Our Team

Our people are top specialists in their fields. They opt for IRS, because they believe in the added value of assist you personally and independently. Subsidiarity and proportionality guiding principles for them.

Aart Bloemheuvel
Managing Partner
“Our integral approach forms the basis for integrity, continuity, security and real trust.”

Aart has over 30 years of experience in doing fraud investigations and forensic research. Before Aart became Managing Partner at IRS, he led the forensics department of one of the “Big Four” firms and worked on complex and high profile cases like the investigation into dormant accounts of Holocaust victims in Swiss banks. Aart has extensive experience in complex international fraud investigations, assets recovery in various jurisdictions and in planning and executing vast ‘Investigative Due Diligence’ projects. Aart also conducted numerous forensic investigations for both governments and international private sector companies.

Marcelline Brouwers
Forensic Accountant
“Numbers don’t tell everything. It’s about the truth behind the numbers.”

For more than 20 years Marcelline is active as a chartered controlling accountant and forensic accountant. Her broad experience in major local and international businesses ensures that she has excellent insight into fraud issues and potential fraud risks in these companies. It’s just her quality to quickly find out misrepresentations in financial records, but she is also able “to see through the fog” when information is manipulated in order to conceal malpractices. Besides her work as controlling and forensic accountant Marcelline is active as assessor for NBA and SRA, the professional bodies for accountants in The Netherlands.

Hans Reijner
Forensic IT Specialist
“Digital information is everywhere. IRS restores deleted data, , forensically secures data, and organizes, searches and analyzes data”

Hans Reijner has over 30 years of experience in IT forensic investigations and is an expert in the field of Data Security. Before Hans joined the IRS, he worked as Head IT Security and Senior Security Consultant with various international organizations. Hans has extensive experience in forensic IT investigations into fraud, integrity issues and competition issues; both nationally and internationally.

Bram Martin
Forensic Investigator
“An organization that acts with integrity, is sustainable and creates more value for its stakeholders”

Bram Martin has been involved in large and complex fraud investigations and forensic research since the beginning of 2014. Before joining IRS Bram graduated as Forensic Criminologist. For his thesis Bram conducted research with the Strategic Investigation and Information section (SOI) of the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD). Bram has extensive knowledge of forensic investigation and is an expert in researching Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT). Bram is chairman and co-founder of the Network for Criminologists in Netherlands (CNN), and board member of the Young Financial Crime Division of the Institute for Financial Crime (IFFC).

Matty Pleumeekers
Forensic Data Analyst
“The general idea that Data Analytics is fully IT driven is incorrect. Just as important are the steps to understand the business, identify (fraud) risk and find the link to the IT systems and data.”

Matty has over 15 years of experience in Data Analytics and the use of Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs). He started his career at Ernst & Young TSRS in the Netherlands and became one of the principal data analysts using CAATs for both regular (financial) audits and special assignments, including fraud investigations. After nine years of EY TSRS, Matty continued his career within the utility branch as an Internal Control Advisor and Internal IT Auditor. He was responsible for managing operational and information system audits, leading internal fraud investigations and training people in Data Analytics and CAATs. In March 2008 he received the EMEA ACL Impact Award for his data analytics work at Essent Trading Geneva.

Henno de Kruijk
Senior Forensic Investigator
“Incidents regarding integrity and security make have a substantial impact on organizations and the people associated with them. In these situations facts are the most stable basis for decision-making.”

Henno has the Kruijk has extensive experience in conducting investigations and forensic IT searches. Before Henno joined IRS he worked in Russia as Security Coordinator of the Anglo-American School of Moscow and St. Petersburg, he rendered Security Risk Management advise to international companies, NGOs and governments and he served in the military as a commissioned officer. Henno has extensive experience in investigating fraud, integrity and security related issues.