Our Vision

Our Vision

‘The integral IRS approach provides the basis for integrity, continuity, security and real trust.’

The public domain is characterized by a complex field of stakeholders. To render advice effectively and efficiently, it is of major importance to have detailed knowledge of the interests and responsibilities at play. 

Organizations are being asked more and more to be forthright and open about their (decision-making) processes, their resources and goals and their results and impacts. These demands – from specific stakeholders and society in general – lead to stricter requirements on transparency, accountability, target setting and measuring impact.

Due to stricter regulation and stronger emphasis on self-regulation the awareness and alertness of integrity risks is increasing.

Preventing reputational damage caused by incidents or a lack of business ethics has the highest priority in both large and small organizations.

A sustainable ethical, healthy and safe organization requires an integrated approach, taking all risks into account.

Cases of fraud, mismanagement and careless actions are not isolated. They are usually expressions of fixed patterns and a deeply ingrained corporate culture and mentality. Interacting with other organizations is essential, as well as innovating together.

Having a Compliance Program and actually being Compliant are not the same.

A crisis happens sudden, but the underlying causes were present for a longer period of time. Those causes usually are a mix of a cultural and an organizational component and are often not noticed by traditional internal controls.

An organization that acts with integrity, is sustainable and creates more value for its stakeholders.