Forensic Investigations
“An organization that acts with integrity, is sustainable and creates more value for its stakeholders.”Bram Martin, Forensic Investigator

Exposing the problem

The in-depth investigation of incidents in a corporate environment is not only necessary to address problems adequately. It also provides information that helps prevent new problems and serves as the basis for required improvements. But investigating is not just about the facts. Equally important is the quality of the process. Proportionality and subsidiarity are guiding principles for our investigators.

IRS offers a full range of forensic services including forensic IT investigations. IRS carries out all investigations with care and respect for the interests of all parties involved.

Forensisch OnderzoekAdministrative InvestigationsDispute Resolution
Forensisch Onderzoek
Anti-bribery and Competition
Anti-trust / competition
Manipulation of Financial Statements
Asset Misappropriation
Asset Tracing & Recovery
Anti Money Laundering
Breach of Intellectual Property / Patent
Breach of Contract
Suspicious Bankruptcy
Administrative Investigations
Reconstructing events / decision-making by gathering relevant facts and circumstances.
Policy Research
Dispute Resolution
      Disputes on Royalties and Licensing
      Breach of Intellectual Property / Patent
      Post M&A Conflicts
      International Tax disputes
      Insurance claims
      Support during mediation and arbitrage