Forensic IT Services
“Digital information is everywhere. IRS restores deleted data, forensically secures data, and organizes, searches and analyzes data.”Hans Reijner, Forensic IT Specialist

Forensic IT Services
In modern society we rely heavily on digital information. More and more investigations are situated within digital environments or heavily depend on data derived from or stored in automated systems. Also the sheer volume of the data within the scope of the investigation requires a specialized approach. Specialized knowledge is required to determine the integrity of information; is the information authentic, correct and where does it originate. In the coming years the complexity and volume of digital information networks will continue to increase. In parallel, forensic IT services are increasingly important to be compliant to (international) legal and ethical standards.

IRS offers a wide range of forensic IT services. Our unique, in-house expertise allows IRS to make large volumes of digital data accessible and available for analysis, that wouldn’t be available using traditional methods.

Our specialized methods and techniques are partly developed in-house. The IR}S specialists combine knowledge gained in various intelligence and research organizations with cutting edge IT technology.

How can we assist you?

Secure DataRestore DataSelect DataOrganize DataAnalyze Data
Secure Data

The IRS specialists are able to secure data using forensic procedures so the integrity (originality) of the data is guaranteed.

Restore Data

Fraudsters are becoming more skilled in covering their tracks by deliberately removing or altering data. The IRS specialists have the latest technologies at their disposal which enables them to recover, reconstruct and reproduce data.

Select Data

IRS specialists have extensive experience in compiling data sets. By using forensic principles the selection process and results are cataloged in detail and are therefore reproducible. You can supply your specific conditions and terms for a dataset, but of course, our specialists are ready to support you with this.

Organize Data

If you want to conduct your own research on large volumes of data, for example in the case of suspected wrongdoing, IRS specialists can assist by organizing your data so it is accessible and searchable.

Analyze Data

The IRS specialists have extensive experience analyzing data and (big) datasets.